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Picture of A Mercearia
Picture of A Mercearia
Picture of A Mercearia
Picture of A Mercearia

Looking for a health-focused restaurant that isn’t over-priced or under-flavored? As always, I’ve got you covered and am recommending A Mercearia (The Grocery Store) as just that. Their motto is “100% natural, with no dyes or preservatives” and they take it to heart. Everything here is done from scratch (no canned or precooked whatever) and with the biologically grown ingredients. You won’t find refined cereals (for instance, only brown rice), refined sugars (only brown sugar) or dairy products (they offer all kinds of alternatives).

More than just a restaurant, A Mercearia is also a coffee and pastry shop and, as the name indicates, a grocery store. The walls are covered in all kinds of health-conscious products, such as a biological produce stand, the dairy-alternatives section and an area dedicated to goods such as bulgur, quinoa, oats or snacks like coco covered seeds. It’s got everything you need to keep your body running on the best stuff.

The menu is chock-full of wholesome options the likes of salads (the tuna salad- whole grain fusilli, mix of lettuce, marinated tuna and cucumber, tomato, sesame seeds, vinaigrette- is one of their best sellers), sandwiches, soups, breakfasts and snacks. There are also the daily-changing lunch options, such as the chicken and okra curry with quinoa I tried. Last but certainly not least, one of my favorite parts was the natural juices selection. Who doesn’t love some freshly squeezed fruit? They use a cold process that ensures the maximum amount of nutrients is kept and delivered to your table. With all this,it is hard to imagine that you can have lunch at “A Mercearia” for under 10€.

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