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Annapurna vegetable malai kofta

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Picture of Annapurna
Picture of Annapurna
Picture of Annapurna
Picture of Annapurna

Annapurna, which stands for “food of the gods” is a restaurant I highly recommend to savor the Nepalese cuisine. The food might be foreign but you will feel welcomed and comforted. The intense aroma of spices flooding the room as well as the music, will take you to the distant Nepalese mountains.

You will find a very diverse menu - from the traditional curries, to the tandoori grills, going through the vegetarian dishes and the rice specialties, the big variety of 85 dishes (yes, 85!) you can choose from can please anyone. I love the Vegetable Malai Kofta, a dish of delicious veggie balls involved in a velvety sauce made of cashews, tomato and a lot of spices. To drink, there are the quintessential teas or lassis and, if you still have some space, there is a section dedicated to the deserts. In the end of your meal, you are brought something extra to complete to complete the experience- a glass of mango liqueur and a variety of seeds.

The place is decorated accordingly, with warm colours, creating a welcoming environment, and the staff is very nice and caring. This place is perfect for dinner, although they also offer a nice lunch menu, specially when you are in need of a full savor meal in a relaxing environment.

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