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Entrecote maturada, chuletón, Picanha da escócia

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Picture of Atalho Real
Picture of Atalho Real
Picture of Atalho Real
Picture of Atalho Real

Príncipe Real now boasts the ideal restaurant to satisfy the most demanding wolf like appetite.

I should start by pointing out the roomy and modern inside space, in which there is a wall painted by a street artist (Drawing Jesus) and the outside, a big terrace, perfect for those beautiful sunny days that stare at Lisbon.

This is all wonderful but let’s cut to the chase and mention what matters: meat! Its quality and diversity is undeniable. Whether you wish to eat it with bread (cheaper) or with two side dishes (more expensive) you will succumb to the remarkable taste of the meat. The hardest will be making a choice among these succulent and grilled to perfect wonders: Cap of Rump from Scotland, Black Angus steak or Sirloin steak.

Every dish is served with 200g of meat - apart from the fantastic Chuletton - yet the hungrier can ask for an extra 100g.

After the meal you can head to the cocktail bar - at the terrace - and have a drink while enjoying the rest of the day. Atalho Real is located on the back of Embaixada - one of Príncipe Real’s shopping malls - therefore, if you still have energy you can finish a wonderful meal with some shopping.

If you are already planning your trip to Atalho Real don’t forget to make a reservation because this place is frequently packed.

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