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Picture of Bettina e Niccolo
Picture of Bettina e Niccolo
Picture of Bettina e Niccolo
Picture of Bettina e Niccolo

Hidden behind the façade of an antique cork shop, I found this little paradise for true chocolate lovers. The Corallo family – owners of this place – has cocoa plantations in São Tomé e Principe. It is from there that the raw materials come to be processed in Lisbon and enjoyed in this shop/caffe.

“Bettina & Niccolò Corallo” is a shop of cocoa and coffee pursued by chocolate connoisseurs, but also by big coffee lovers – this place sells coffee grounded every day. The walls, full of cocoa and coffee plantations photos, transmit the dedication and love the establishment has towards these products.

Delicious options are diverse and impressive, but for the cold Winter days that are coming I suggest the hot chocolate prepared with just and only 100% cocoa – an intense and pure taste of chocolate. This beverage is served in two measures: small (1.5€) and medium (3€).

For the lovers of extravagant chocolate combinations, there are very interesting artisanal options, such as chocolate with Piemonte’s hazelnuts, chocolate with Calabrese orange or crystallized ginger. This shop has a vast menu of chocolates with different percentages of cocoa, including with a very high content – 75%, 80% and 100%. The chocolate sorbet is another suggestion I make and I know you will not regret trying it.

Visit this jewel in Príncipe Real and take some time to catch up with your friends while the rain is falling outside and observe the movement of one of the most delightful neighborhoods in Lisbon.

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