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Picture of Café do Monte
Picture of Café do Monte
Picture of Café do Monte
Picture of Café do Monte

As you walk by São Gens Street, you may notice an intriguing looking café. It’s quite big, with deep red wine coloured walls and little stools outside. Walk in and you’ll see the posters, postcard and photos from old movies, an extremely friendly owner and an overall welcoming vibe. Stay a while and you will understand why it’s such a neighborhood staple.

Located steps away from Senhora do Monte viewpoint, it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon in the company of friends indulging your inner child by playing board games and eating yummy home made food. On a sunny day, you can even enjoy some fresh air by sitting outside.

The menu is extensive and offers everything from Lisbonense to English or vegetarian breakfasts to brunch, 7 different salads and various tapa-like snacks. I would have to recommend the Crocantes. Translated, it means Crunchies and it’s basically a huge piece of toast with all sort of topping combinations (I loved the Serrano, with cheese from Serra da Estrela and ham) and a big green salad on the side. There are also plenty of options for drinks, starting with tea or coffee and going all the way to natural juices and smoothies.

If you stay long enough, you’ll see the locals walk by and walk in and talk to the owner, everyone seems to know and love this place. Finally, to help complete the feeling of home, you just need to ask what the schedule is - “We work more or less from 11h to 23h/00h/01h”. It’s done as the day goes, as it should be in a place where the only thing not welcome is stress or worries.

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