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Picture of Cantina das Freiras
Picture of Cantina das Freiras
Picture of Cantina das Freiras
Picture of Cantina das Freiras

Today’s suggestion is the purest definition of hidden treasure and a spot everyone living in Lisbon should visit at least once in their life!

Located in a small street close to Chiado, on a third floor (with elevator), you have the A.C.I.S.J.F. canteen (Catholic International Association at the Service of Female Youths), better known as the Nun canteen.

The space is made of 2 big interior rooms, with a simple decor, and an ordering section just like a canteen. Here, the food isn’t fancy but it’s still homemade and tasty. Usually there are a couple of options of dishes of the day, Portuguese food, and you can get a menu of main + soup + bread + dessert for under 10€. For those looking for snacks or a lighter meal, there are options like cheeses, peixinhos da horta, sandwiches or quiches.

Once you’ve chosen the food, you can move on to the best part: the terrace! A monumental view of Lisbon, in a space that seats about 20 people and is just a delight during the summer or one of those sunny winter days (and it gets pretty full obviously).

Be aware that the Nun Canteen only serves until 3 p.m. so it’s strictly a lunch place. All in all, a perfect spot for enjoying the city’s landscape at a minimum cost!

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