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Picture of Carioca da Trindade
Picture of Carioca da Trindade
Picture of Carioca da Trindade
Picture of Carioca da Trindade

Carioca da Trindade is simply put a typical Portuguese restaurant: a place where the food is tasty, cheap and the service is pleasant. And then there’s a twist: a great esplanade!

It’s a very popular lunch option for those working in the area - it closes at 20h so they don’t serve dinner - and it’s so old school it doesn’t even have a webpage of any kind! There may not be wi-fi or a fancy decor here but there is plenty of homemade tasty Portuguese food! One of the most celebrated dishes is the “Squid a la Bolhão Pato”. Looking the classics, there’s “Alheira of Mirandela with fried egg” or “Codfish a la Brás”, among many others.

There’s no lunch menu but the dishes cost about 8€ so a meal will set you back around 10€. If you sit inside, you’ll save about 1€ but you won’t enjoy the famous Lisbon sunshine (there are sun umbrellas so you don’t enjoy it too much). Vegetarians will have to settle for soup or omelette.

For dessert, I recommend the fantastic chocolate mousse (home made or course!) or, if you’re looking for something healthier, fresh fruit. So go on and pay Carioca da Trindade a visit if you want to get a taste of Portugal right in the heart of Lisbon.

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