São Domingos de Benfica / 20 €


steak on the hot stone, steak with Mirandês sauce, grilled fish

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Picture of Carvoeiro de Palma
Picture of Carvoeiro de Palma
Picture of Carvoeiro de Palma
Picture of Carvoeiro de Palma

“Carvoeiro de Palma” can do no wrong. I know, it’s a strong statement, but I’ve been there many times (more than I can count by now) and it’s just true. Here, you can find both the freshest fish and the best quality meat. You know, the kind that only needs salt, no need to even bother with anything else.

The restaurant has 2 rooms and a small outside space but it’s always packed so make sure to make that reservation. When you’re there, you’ll see all kinds of patrons: from couples on dates getting their romance on, to big groups of friends catching up or watching a game, to family events where the kids run the table. This place just seems to have a kind of magical all-around appeal.

For starters, there are always portuguese classics like octopus salad or mussels. There are also regional cheeses and samosas. The staff is very friendly, helpful and ready to give you a hand if you can’t make up your mind between all the delicious options.

I especially recommend the steak on the hot stone. It’s a big (and I do mean big) piece of meat that comes with a hot stone where you can cook it to you heart’s desire! You’ll have salt, pepper and some sauces to help you out and it comes with french fries and rice (although you can ask for something different). The grilled fish is also mouth watering, with options like tuna steak or grouper, depending on what’s available that day. Vegetarians, unfortunately, will have to settle for soup, omelette or sauteed vegetables.

All in all, it’s great option outside the city center (I know, I know, it’s about time...) where you can have an awesome meal for a really fair price!

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