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wraps, tapas

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Picture of Casa Independente
Picture of Casa Independente
Picture of Casa Independente
Picture of Casa Independente

Casa Independente is one of the symbols of the urban and social renewal that took place in Mouraria and neighboring areas in 2012. This process brought with it a new life to Largo do Intendente, a place previously known for prostitution and criminality.

Casa Independente often reminds me of my dream house. Multiple rooms, all with its own personality. Furniture, that doesn’t mesh perfectly together but still has a story to tell. People, that gather for seminars, exhibitions, concerts, and parties. And the patio, the crown jewel, to sun bathe, to do urban gardening and to have dinners with friends. Therefore, it is understandable how this is one of the most sought for places in the neighbourhood and the city.

It is not a restaurant but it serves meals - wraps, tapas, snacks. It is one of my favorite places for a light meal or a friendly chat along with beer, wine or gin. To keep up with the multitude of events it hosts, make sure to check out their facebook page but I can tell you right now one of my favorites is the regular concerts from They’re Heading West, featuring a different guest each time (from Ana Moura to Ana Bacalhau).

Anyway, drop by Casa Independente and say hi to the Tiger in the main room (ok, it’s just a painting). Or maybe not, after a few drinks...