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Craft beer

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Picture of Cerveteca
Picture of Cerveteca
Picture of Cerveteca
Picture of Cerveteca

This is more than a bar where beer is a first class citizen. It is a museum, a temple and a library filled with knowledge about beer. A visit here does not settle for just having a drink, it involves discovering new beers and getting acquainted with precious information about beer.

There are beers for all tastes, of all shapes, sizes, origins and prices to choose from. You will find famous beers - like the Belgium ones - as well as craft beers from Portugal, a movement that has been gaining popularity in the past years. The hard part might be choosing what to drink from everything that is available. If you find yourself having a hard time choosing what to drink, ask the well informed staff and they might even recommend you something to bite while you drink (they offer quite a variety of Portuguese canned goods).

The bar has plenty of space but you will also find people outside, standing, chatting and enjoying a drink. You’ll find this place next to Praça da Alegria, distant from all the fuss and buzz of Lisbon’s popular night hubs.

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