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Picture of Cevicheria
Picture of Cevicheria
Picture of Cevicheria
Picture of Cevicheria

It’s all about Príncipe Real these days and there’s one more place that shows us exactly why! It’s called Cevicheria, it’s run by Chef Kiko (the same one from O Talho) and it’s been full pretty much ever since it opened. After hearing so much hype around this place, I decided to check it out and I must say it is well deserved. Just make sure you come prepared to pay up because it’s not the cheapest place in town.

Here, it’s all about the freshest fish (and the coolest vibes). Walking by outside, you see the big metal door, a couple of tables and a window where you can get your stuff on the go. Inside, you notice the giant octopus on the ceiling (this one is not real) and the almost all white decor. The biggest pop of color comes from the main ingredient itself- the fresh fish behind the bar.

As you sit down, you’re brought the couvert, a mix of bread and corn cake, accompanied by some tomato with ricotta paté and butter with cuttlefish ink and chilli- don’t let the black color scare you, it’s delicious! No detail is left to chance as you can see by the fact that even the butter is served on a shell like recipient.

The food itself is just as exquisite as anything else in this place. You can choose one of several ceviches: pure (white fish of the season), salmon, portuguese (with codfish) and tuna. I especially recommend the salmon. The pure taste of the fish mixes perfectly with the freshness of the mango, peppermint and lemon. You will also find the causas (a typical peruvian dish with layers of mashed potatoes mix with layers of fish) and the quinotos (here the main ingredient is quinoa), among other options.

To get the best experience, you should start with a ceviche and follow up with another dish. Otherwise, you can order the 6 dish tasting menu for 35€. A popular drink to have with the food is the flute, a mix of pisco grape juice, lime, ice and other touches of wonderfulness. So if you’re in the mood to live large for a day and wine and dine in one of Lisbon’s classiest spots, this is the place! Just make sure to come early or prepared to wait- they don’t take reservations and they have no shortage of customers ;)

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