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crepes and homemade ice cream

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Picture of Chef Nino
Picture of Chef Nino
Picture of Chef Nino
Picture of Chef Nino

You know those pictures of cakes and ice cream and other sweets that you look at and start drooling uncontrollably? Those pictures that make you wonder where you can get your hands on such beautiful and obviously delicious treats? Well, head over to “Chef Nino”’s and you won’t need pictures anymore, just enough appetite to eat some of the best sweets you ever have.

The full name of this place is actually “Chef Nino’s Italian Gelatos” but don’t be fooled, they’ve got a lot more to offer than just home made ice cream. Here, you can find an extensive menu of anything your sweet tooth could ever desire! There’s crepes and pancakes, for instance, made to order and accompanied by delicious toppings such as strawberries or melted chocolate. There’s a variety of home made cakes, cookies and other baked goods. Also notable is the rich and thick hot chocolate. So much to chose from, even vegetarians can go at it without feeling guilty about anything but the calories ;) As for vegans, the staff is open to making the necessary adaptations to cater to your needs too!

You can find it at LX Factory, the super cool shopping/art/work space in Alcântara, just under the bridge and it’s an ideal option for a snack during a weekend stroll. Their brunch, available on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays for 11,5€, comprising of various types of bread, soup, a dish with chicken and vegetables, salad and greek yogurt, among other options.

Already thinking of going? Well, let me help you seal the deal by further mentioning that the staff is very friendly and the space is beyond cute, decorated with all kinds of delicate knick knacks and flowers. There’s even a few tables outside, ideal for soaking in the sun. Just be warned they close at 19h and it gets pretty busy on weekends. And as for the extra calories a trip to “Chef Nino”’s might entail, well, I think their motto says it best “People who love to eat are always the best people” :)

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