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Chocolate croissant, Cheese, honey and nuts toast

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Picture of Choupana Caffé
Picture of Choupana Caffé
Picture of Choupana Caffé
Picture of Choupana Caffé

You can find Choupana very centrally located in Lisbon (in Saldanha). It’s a very popular cafe, always pretty much full and with a menu that can satisfy the pickiest customers. It’s works either for breakfast, brunch, snacks or a light meal.

With a space that is pretty huge, airy and with high ceilings, you’ll love it right as you walk in. First, you’ll find the reception area, with a small grocery store where you can buy products like chocolate - in the form of tablet, fondue or nutella - wines and jams. Besides the rest of the inside space, where there’s round metal tables or high stool tables, there’s a small terrace, very pleasant and easily filled.

But let’s talk about what really matters- the menu! What makes Choupana so special tons of people come every days? Well, for one, it has everything: from pastries like chocolate croissant (one of the best in Lisbon!), egg or plain croissant; all possible types of bread; and every type of sweet your heart could desire, from bolas de berlim to mil folhas or natas.

Adding to this, there’s a big variety of light meal options: sandwiches, toasts, wraps, bagels and salads. There are combinations like serra cheese, honey and nut (for the sweet tooths); smoked salmon, capers, tomato, arugula and herb cream (for the healthier bunch); ham, goat’s cheese and dried figs (for the salty-stuff lovers). On Fridays there are cheese and sausage boards and on the weekends there’s the oh-so-popular brunch. The 14,5€ price tag might scare you but let me say it’s money for value (and it’s enough to share!). You’ll get bread, croissant or scone, butter, jam and honey, a drink or yogurt, brownie and a choice of 3 main dishes (one with smoked salmon, another with ham and melon and the 3rd with a selection of cheeses).

Vegetarians are welcome here, where the menu has the non-meat or fish options marked and there’s at least one of those for each type of food. As for vegans, you can ask to adapt the vegetarian dishes (usually they include some type of cheese) or go with the soup of the day. There are also some milk-including drinks that you can ask to get with soy milk.

Now that the heat is rising and if you don’t wanna go for and ice-cream, you can pay a visit to the yogurt bar, where you can choose the flavours and topping to your heart’s desire. It’s easy to spot, with the grass covered letters!

So, now that you know all about Choupana, don’t be surprised if you walk in and have some difficulty finding a table, you’re not the first person to recognise how great it is!

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