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Salgadeiras and tudo ao molho burgers

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Picture of Cultura do Hambúrguer
Picture of Cultura do Hambúrguer
Picture of Cultura do Hambúrguer
Picture of Cultura do Hambúrguer

I know what you’re thinking- “Another gourmet burger place?”. I know your pain. Lisbon is infested with them, the “gourmet burger” joint that sells itself as being the best in town. Well, for me at least, this one is actually pretty darn good.

“A Cultura do Hambúrguer”, meaning “Hamburger Culture”, is a place where this mythical combination of ground beef and bread is treated with the respect and care it deserves. The burgers actually look and taste home made (I’ve seen them make them) and all ingredients are carefully selected to make the best possible combination of flavours. On the menu, you will find combinations like the “Salgadeiras”- manchego cheese (that’s an awesome spanish cheese), crispy bacon, caramelized onions, tomato and basil mayo; and the “Tudo ao Molho”- cheddar cheese, egg, fried prosciutto, mushrooms, lettuce and garlic mayo. All served with fries and mayo.

If meat is not your thing (or are just in the mood for something different), I also recommend the vegetarian burger- made of beets, black beans and rice, with cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and garlic mayo. If what you want is really a healthier option, there’s the salad menu. It features fresh ingredients like avocado, mango and various types of cheese, besides the usual suspects.

The space is quite big and airy, with a modern and beautiful decor, featuring details like doors as tables. The staff is friendly and helpful and there’s even a great chocolate cake as a dessert option so what are you waiting for? Give “Cultura do Hambúrguer” a try!

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