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Picture of Empanaderia El Pibe
Picture of Empanaderia El Pibe
Picture of Empanaderia El Pibe
Picture of Empanaderia El Pibe

Empanadas, a stuffed pastry popular in South America finally have a place in Lisbon.

Empanaderia El Pibe, named in homage to the Argentine star Diego Maradona, would go unnoticed if I wasn’t specifically looking for it in a dark alley near Santos. The place looks simple and rustic with its wooden tables and coloured seats. In the walls you will find pictures of renowned latin americans.

All the food is served in clay tableware with the name of the place inscribed. Before you start with the main dish, treat yourself with the house’s treat: chiffles (fried green banana) served with delicious sauces and cancha (corn nuts).

This is a place where the empanadas lead therefore you will find plenty of options to choose from. There are wonderful combinations like onion with spinach and mozzarella, or octopus with sprout and onion, or chorizo with mozzarella, or veal with chilli and ginger. All empanadas have names of remarkable figures from South America such as Hugo Chavez, Pablo Neruda, Diego Maradona, Pope Francis or even Pablo Escobar (for the Narcos fans).

This south american delight does not disappoint, and it goes well with any filling. I’d suggest you to eat at least 2 empanadas. You should also have the mango ceviche because it is simply spectacular.

Be advised that there are two shifts for dinner: 20:00 and 22:00. In summary, a restaurant with a welcoming staff and a very good choice in terms of value for money. I’d recommend it a thousand times!

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