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Picture of Estrela da Bica
Picture of Estrela da Bica
Picture of Estrela da Bica
Picture of Estrela da Bica

Eating in Estrela da Bica is akin to making a trip. You feel that upon entering and noticing the World Globe, the old travel bags and the table mats filled with border stamps.

The food is surely the vehicle in charge of taking us places. The food served at Estrela da Bica has influences from places all over the world, notably Europe and Asia. It is impossible to make a suggestion since the selection changes every day. Usually you will find 3 main dishes to choose from - meat, fish and vegetarian. On one day you might eat cod fish served with Tzatziki, on another a twist to the classic schniztel, and sometimes Thai mussels. The food never ceases to surprise and there is always a conviction that it is going to be wonderful.

Making a reservation is almost mandatory, since unique experiences like this at such affordable prices are hard to find and the restaurante is often fully booked.