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Picture of Fabrica do Gelado
Picture of Fabrica do Gelado
Picture of Fabrica do Gelado
Picture of Fabrica do Gelado

This place that once was a bakery is now a breeze of freshness in the middle of Anjos (it is, after all, an ice cream parlour!). Fábrica do Gelado, in English “The Ice cream Factory”, is part of the neighborhood and the community, a place where whoever passes by can taste what they have to offer without worrying about the quality being compromised. Here the ice creams are made with love and ingredients are fresh and bought locally, to help the neighborhood’s economy.

If you feel like enjoying the neighborhood atmosphere you can ask your ice-cream to eat right away – with one (2€), two (3€) or three (3.5€) scoops, with the possibility of combining more than one flavour in the same scoop - or, if you want to savor it in the comfort of your home, you can buy a take-away box - of 0.5L (8€) or 1L (15€). The fruit ice-creams don’t include dairy products in their recipe so they are suitable for vegans and those who are watching their weight.

Although the ice cream is the king of Fábrica do Gelado, you can also have cake (1.5€ each slice, the flavour varies daily), hot coco, and, on Sundays, crepes and pancakes, all homemade. Yummy! And if you are the person in charge to take the cake to that party or that dinner, don’t worry! You can order here a cake from the vast list available.

When you give it a try you won’t regret going to Fábrica do Gelado. And if you want to share with your loved ones the joy of eating an ice cream you can give them a gift voucher to use at the ice cream parlour. When was the last time you offered someone an ice cream? ;)

As you can see, the options are endless and there is no excuse to not go. The only difficulty will be choosing from all the flavours!

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