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Enchidos board, Goat cheese tiborna, Sparkling sangria

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Picture of Fluid - Eatery and Bar
Picture of Fluid - Eatery and Bar
Picture of Fluid - Eatery and Bar
Picture of Fluid - Eatery and Bar

I don’t think it’s a secret but I just have to declare it - I love Príncipe Real. This beautiful and full of tradition Lisbon neighborhood is one of my favourites and once again it hasn’t failed me - this time in the form of Fluid, Eatery and Bar.

I discovered it by chance, as I was walking around a new commercial gallery called “Entre Tanto” (also worth a visit) and stumbled upon a world of whites and vibrant and eye catching greens. A few steps inside and I saw the terrace, big and airy, just as inviting as the rest (and with a DJ playing from 12h to 21h on weekdays and 21h from 2h on weekends).

Still relatively unknown among the masses, this is the time to visit Fluid, when you can appreciate its calmness and enjoy some tasty food. You can choose to have a more “traditional” meal, with couvert (bread, olive oil and olives, among others), soup (beets or cauliflower) and main course (wild mushroom risotto or duck confit, for instance). Or you can go for the snacks, with delicious options such as the enchidos board (chouriço, ham, paio and alheira - all portuguese classics - served with a beautiful apple puré) or the goat cheese tiborna, a piece of toast with the cheese and honey and hazel poured over it.

For drinks, you can ask the friendly staff for some guidance but I especially enjoyed the sparkling sangria with red fruits - a perfect balance of sweet, light and tasty. In the end, Fluid is one of those places that you never knew you needed, but won’t be able to get enough of once you visit.

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