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Picture of Food Temple
Picture of Food Temple
Picture of Food Temple
Picture of Food Temple

The Food Temple is a place deserving of its name. With no fixed menu, you’ll just have to show up (or make a reservation, which I would advise) and see what they have to offer that day. What you can rely on is that the food will be tasty, asian-influenced and, well, vegetarian! But fear not, meat lovers, with the kind of treats they offer, like the succulent edamame with mushrooms I had, you’ll be well off for the night.

The menu is ideal for sharing with friends- there’s soup, tapas and main dishes- what’s better than trying one of each? To accompany, you can have a delicious natural juice, fresh made and full of all the vitamins your healthier-by-the-minute body could desire. You can even treat yourself to a coffee at the end, it’s biological! And to complete the experience, come back another time to have one of their vegetarian-cooking workshops (check their facebook and website for more info).

As for the location, it doesn’t disappoint, in the middle of Mouraria, the kind of place you would only find if roaming around in one of Lisbon’s most characteristic neighborhoods (or if a friendly restaurant-advisor told you about it ;)). Once you do get to the alley, it gives off the kind of homey feeling that’ll make you want to stay there all night - which you can, seated next to (or on) the steps, the kind you find in postcards of the city, enjoying your beverage lit by the colourful lights. Please do.

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