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Skewered tenderloin in laurel-stick with fried corn

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Picture of Ilha da Madeira
Picture of Ilha da Madeira
Picture of Ilha da Madeira
Picture of Ilha da Madeira

Deep inside Campo de Ourique you will find a piece of the Islands. A wonderful piece in the form of the restaurant “Ilha da Madeira”. Here, where the warm decor evokes the unique archipelago of Madeira and the typical food completes the pilgrimage.

To start, you can’t miss the caco bread with garlic butter. The butter melts in the warm bread and so will you with each piece. The journey continues on with a bit list of options but, for me, the stand out is skewered tenderloin in laurel-stick. It’s the best quality meat cooked in the laurel-stick, which gives it a unique flavour, and topped with the perfect finish, garlic butter. As a side dish, you can get the more common fries, rice or salad but I say try the fried corn, another delicious specialty of the region.

As a warning, just keep in mind that the orders are very well served, so one per person might actually be too much. Aside from that, sit back, enjoy your meal and let yourself be taken to one of Portugal’s treasures and back in under two hours.

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