Príncipe Real / 35 €


Sirloin on the Grill, Chorizo Steak, Steak’s Eye

Payment methods

Bank card, Cash


Suggested during the weekends


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Picture of La Paparrucha
Picture of La Paparrucha
Picture of La Paparrucha
Picture of La Paparrucha

La Paparrucha has been around for quite some time now (since 1998 to be more precise)- maybe you’ve heard of it, like I had before trying, the legend of mouth watering food and a breathtaking view. Well, this week I bring you confirmation. I did my job as your trusted restaurant-advisor, bit the bullet (more like meat) and I come back ready to tell you it is as good as you’ve heard or, if you hadn’t, that you should had!

Full disclosure, the restaurant isn’t the most budget-friendly place in town. However, to help overcome this, they’ve come up with a pretty cool concept: a lunchtime buffet (just on weekdays), where you can get a taste for the real thing for the much more friendly amount of 12,5€. What’s more, if you make the house card, that becomes 10€ a pop.

The buffet includes an all-you-can-eat choice of starters, salads, soup, mains, sides and, of course, a choice of grilled meats. Also included are a drink, coffee and a table of desserts (I highly recommend the oreo mousse!). With no extra charge, you also get that lovely view of Lisbon, the perfect companion for such a nice meal.

If you want the full experience, you can also go for dinner or during the weekends, when the price tag might be a little higher (something like 35€ for a full meal) but you also get to try their most famous dishes, such as Sirloin on the Grill, Chorizo Steak or Steak’s Eye. Either way, it’s definitely an experience I hope you enjoy!

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