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vegetable cha-han, yaki soba

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Picture of Nood
Picture of Nood
Picture of Nood
Picture of Nood

Gyoza, ramen, soba, sushi… Are you already salivating? If not keep reading and I’ll ask you again in the end. These are only a few of the dishes you can try at Nood. Nood is a japanese restaurant, in the Chiado area, which came along long before the sushi-craze.

At Nood, you can say there are 3 areas. The esplanade - outside, for when the weather is good- the lounge - at the entrance of the restaurant, where you can have a drink or a snack - and the main room. The main room is very spacious, with long tables, canteen-style, with a very clean decoration where white and red are the predominant colors.

And what about the food? Well, there’s an open kitchen so you can watch your food be prepared in front of your eyes and the menu is long, covering several sections - starters, ramen, rice, sushi, teppan, salads, etc. Personally, I recommend the vegetable cha-han (asian rice cooked with a wok), soba with “alheira” (a typical portuguese sausage) and amai udon (thick pasta with a lot of vegetables hugged by tamarind sauce and served with peanuts and lime).

During lunch time there is a menu that includes a main dish and a drink for 8,5€, and if you want dessert for 10,5€. If the laziness is strong with you don’t worry, Nood has now available home-delivery service.

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