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mixed fondue

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Picture of O Fondue
Picture of O Fondue
Picture of O Fondue
Picture of O Fondue

On a quiet street in the neighborhood of Saldanha lies this spacious and modern restaurant which appeals to meat lovers. Walking in, I was welcomed by a bar at the entrance and two floors. The bottom floor hosts a butchery which houses all the Crown Jewels - the endless varieties of meat.

The meal kicks off with a huge dish holding starters. It delights you with ham, salmon pâté and quail eggs, among many other options. My pick for the main dish is their remarkable fondue - served with French fries, fruits and 6 different sauces. It can be served in one of two ways: on a pan with hot oil or grilled on a plate. I’d recommend the grilled option, at least it’s healthier ;)

There are plenty of options for meat or fish. I’m sure you will be spending a considerable amount of time browsing through the menu where you will find veal, deer, ostrich, kangaroo, chicken, turkey, pig, bison, zebra, steak, camel, duck, llama, horse, monkfish, white grouper, crocodile, shrimp and lobster (and the list goes on). For the undecided, I recommend having the menu where you can pick 3 types of meat. If you’re looking for the most exotic experience, I’d say give the zebra, crocodile and bison meat a try.

At the end of your meal, you’ll be leaving well served and quite satisfied, as if you just lived through a small adventure!

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