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Momo with spinach and cheese

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Picture of Os Tibetanos
Picture of Os Tibetanos
Picture of Os Tibetanos
Picture of Os Tibetanos

This suggestion will take you on a trip to Tibet. The restaurant “Os Tibetanos” is lovely and has several aspects that remind us of Tibetan culture - the staff’s clothes as well as the furniture. The place also sells souvenirs.

Making a reservation is a must, especially on weekends. The restaurant also has a terrace perfect for those typical Lisbon sunny days.

While the quality of the service isn’t remarkable, the quality of the food does not disappoint. In the menu you will find tibetan specialties - I am very fond of the momo with spinach and cheese - salads, crêpes, curries, pastas as well as seitan or tofu steaks.

“Os Tibetanos” is a good option to keep in mind when you want to introduce somebody to the flavours of Tibetan or vegetarian dishes.

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