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Braised tuna fish with chives and sweet potato

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Picture of Petiscaria Ideal
Picture of Petiscaria Ideal
Picture of Petiscaria Ideal
Picture of Petiscaria Ideal

I like to discover this beautiful city through walking. Often, I stumble upon places that have a certain “je ne sais quoi” and are immediately added to my wish list. Petiscaria Ideal is one of these restaurants that I had been longing to visit for a while.

Inside I was greeted by a charming staff which introduce themselves by name - funny how the little things always leave an impression. I also found a warmly decorated place with both a traditional and a modern feel.

Given the restaurant’s name you can easily assume it serves food in small portions which is meant to be shared, petiscos. For 2 people, they recommend 3 dishes. The food is fantastic, really. You will find many stars in the menu, among which the fried babycuttle fish with moluscs, or the porc loin with garlic and sweet potatoes. But for me, the dish of the night was the braised tuna fish with chives and sweet potato- is is just spectacular. It’s a perfectly braised tuna steak with the most wonderful citrus sauce, accompanied by some savory sweet potatoes. It’s the kind of thing even people who don’t usually like tuna will love. I also suggest you ask for bread to go along with the meal, so you can taste every petisco until their last drop - it’s worth it!

Unsurprisingly, this is a very popular place, among locals and tourists alike, making it essential to make a reservation. If you’re looking for an intimate experience, due to the size of the room and the arrangement of the tables (most are long canteen-like tables), I’d suggest going during the period 19:00-21:00, when there are fewer clients, since it will result in a better dining experience. If you’re in a big group and welcome the hustle and bustle, go after 21h00 and see one of the moment’s most popular restaurants in full force!

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