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Supplis, Pizza with potato and rosemary, Pizza with courgette and bacon

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Picture of Pizza a Pezzi
Picture of Pizza a Pezzi
Picture of Pizza a Pezzi
Picture of Pizza a Pezzi

Here the model is simple: you choose the pizza and the size, they weigh it and calculate what you have to pay. Fast, practical and delicious. The perfect way to eat according to the size of your appetite and wallet.

Most of the pizzas have out of the ordinary recipes that will leave you intrigued (in a good way). Who would say that you would like a pizza with courgette and bacon or a pizza with potato and rosemary? Try it and you’ll see. You shouldn’t miss the supplis either - balls with risotto of beef and duck with mozzarella - they are amazing.

During the day, you can buy and eat inside but after midnight the sales are made through a small window. The spot is tiny therefore these meals are better enjoyed at the Miradouro S. Pedro de Alcântara or Príncipe Real’s garden, while contemplating the stunning view. This place is ideal for those days on the move where you need to grab a bite at atypical hours.

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