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Picture of Princesa do Castelo
Picture of Princesa do Castelo
Picture of Princesa do Castelo
Picture of Princesa do Castelo

Princesa do Castelo means “Princess of the Castle”. As the name says this restaurant can be found near São Jorge Castle and is popular amongst the vegetarian community in Lisbon. It is impossible not to notice it while passing on the street and when you get inside the atmosphere is very cozy, with warm colors on the walls and ceiling, very pleasant music and extremely nice staff.

In the menu, you can always find entrées, main dishes and desserts like the delicious cake with fruits and soya Chantilly. Nothing new here, if it wasn’t for the fact that the recipes vary daily, meaning that every day there is a different menu, which is the core of the restaurant. The dishes are vegan, international and there are even options without gluten and suitable for a sattvic diet. The drinking options are diverse and I recommend, natural juices or smoothies, very rich and well served.

The restaurant has a couple of long tables and some individual ones, and since the space is not very big, I suggest you to arrive early or book a table. The kitchen is open and you can see the cook preparing your dish. At Princesa do Castelo you will feel like you’re at a friend’s house.

All in all I recommend Princesa do Castelo to vegetarians and non-vegetarians that want to savor a healthy, rich and homemade meal.

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