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Picture of Strudel
Picture of Strudel
Picture of Strudel
Picture of Strudel

Looking for a new place for brunch or a quick lunch on the weekend that’s not totally saturated? I’ve got you covered. Strudel is a pretty recent place located in the Saldanha neighbourhood where there is no lack of space or hospitality from the staff.

First, you spot the outside area, a couple of tables complete with sun umbrellas for the summer and cozy blankets for the winter. Inside, the space is like one big room, with plenty of seating, with even a couch area and some high chairs and a table by the window, perfect for people watching. The whole café feels like something light, luminous and welcoming.

Moving on to the best part: the food! Here, you will have no shortage of options. There are 3 types of brunch: the breakfast (a more typical breakfast menu, bread, butter, jams, croissant, a couple of drinks, complete with a bowl of greek yogurt and fruit or pancakes); the brunch (same as before but including scrambled eggs with bacon or smoked salmon); the top brunch (same as the brunch but you don’t have to chose between the yogurt and the pancakes, you get both). If sharing, I recommend getting the top brunch and then ordering one more what you feel you might need, like a drink or one more croissant. You’ll leave super full and paying less than 10€.

While the brunch is top notch, that’s not all this place is about. It’s also also a perfect spot for a morning or afternoon snack, with options like toasts and sandwiches (for instance the tuna, pineapple and tomato sandwich), a cheese board, crepes, scones, ice cream or even the item that names the café- the delicious homemade apfelstrudel. These guys even have their own line of jams, which you can buy and take home.

Also open for lunch, Strudel has lots of burgers, steaks, salads, sandwiches and eggs on the menu. Really, it’s the kind of place that’ll get you through the munchies any time of the day, except dinner ;) What are you waiting for?

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