Alfama / 30 €


Galician Ox Entrecôte, Melted Provoletta Cheese

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Suggested during the weekends

Picture of Taberna Moderna
Picture of Taberna Moderna
Picture of Taberna Moderna
Picture of Taberna Moderna

You walk in and you can feel it. There is a cool, intimate vibe to this place. A palpable air of relaxed luxury. You can tell right away this won’t be an unremarkable night.

Looking at the menu, you can find several delicious options- I recommend sharing the Provoletta cheese, melted with spices, served with white flour and whole wheat bread. Another specialty you shouldn’t miss is the Galician ox entrecôte, a sumptuous piece of meat, grilled to perfection and accompanied by homemade crisps.

After the meal (or before) you can go to Lisbonita, the extraordinary gin bar right inside the restaurant, with the wall covered with every type of gin your heart can desire. If you don’t already know which one you want, talk to the friendly and knowledged waiters, they are fully trained to point you in the right direction. You can go for the classic Gin Tonic or ask about the cocktails, which don’t have a fixed menu because they depend on the barmans’ inspiration. And make sure you order your drink at the bar, you don’t want to miss out on the ritual of making it.

Taberna Moderna is open for lunch as well, which is particularly nice if you sit outside on a sunny day. We just don’t recommend diving into Lisbonita if you have to go back to work that afternoon.

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