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valentim toast, pica pau oinc oinc

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Picture of Taberna Portuguesa
Picture of Taberna Portuguesa
Picture of Taberna Portuguesa
Picture of Taberna Portuguesa

"Portuguese Tavern" is the translation of their name and it couldn’t be more fitting. Here, everything is Portuguese, from the waiters and their hospitality to the decor and the food.

You walk in (with a reservation, if you want to guarantee your spot) and are greeted and seated by a friendly waiter who will explain to you the concept: snacks (petiscos in Portuguese) and everything Portuguese. At the table, already awaiting you, will be a basket of bread, sheep cheese, a home made jam and lupini beans (with herbs).

Next, you’ll hear about the menu. Each dish (“only” 10, but plenty) is described as if it were an old song being recited. At this point, I’ve tried most of the dishes and can tell you I liked them all! But as far as recommendations go, I would day the valentim toast (toast with layers of goat’s cheese, ham, tomato and alheira) and the pica pau oinc inc (fried meat with a tasty and just-enough-spicy sauce). I’ve also enjoyed the chouriço and codfish migas very much.

The last time I went there, I had the pleasure of having the company of the restaurant mascot for the meal- Telmo, a porcelain dog who you can usually spot by the window as you walk down Calçada do Combro. So next time you walk by and see him, go in and give Taberna Portuguesa a try!