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green pepper steak, grilled gilt head bream

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Picture of Toma Lá Dá Cá
Picture of Toma Lá Dá Cá
Picture of Toma Lá Dá Cá
Picture of Toma Lá Dá Cá

“Toma Lá Dá Cá” is the stuff good restaurants are made off. For starters, it’s very well located, a short walk from Bica elevator near Bairro Alto. What’s more, the staff is really nice, making you feel as welcomed as your own home. The space itself is pretty modest, no unnecessary frills.

It’s the kind of establishment you go to time and time again to have a good solid meal. It’s not the cheapest option in the neighborhood but it’s certainly not over-priced either (about 15€ per person). It’s just quite simply good.

So, let’s talk about what makes it good- the food! On the menu, you’ll find classics such as fried sole (linguadinhos fritos), roasted cod, cooked ham (cozido de pernil) and green pepper steak. I’m putting in the original names because part of the Portuguese magic of the dish just gets lost in translation... For the healthier bunch, I would especially recommend the grilled fish and meat- such as grilled gilt head bream (dourada escalonada) or maronesa veal chunks (nacos de vitela maronesa). Vegetarians can get by on one of the salad or omelet options.

The desert fridge is definitely worth a visit, with plenty of savory homemade options, such as chocolate mousse and one of Lisbon’s best house desserts (doce da casa).

So, if you’re looking for some portuguese comfort food this is the place. Just sit back and enjoy :)

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